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Christians who love to hate...

The following were received through the Space Coast Freethought Association [now defunct] website. They have been copied here exactly as received.

From: Jarred Lee (
To Whom It May Concern,
 Your recent actions against the Brevard County School board are utterly rediculous [sic]. Thousands of graduating high school seniors and families are looking to celebrate a significant milestone in their lives. For this organization to support and try to keep graduation ceremonies from occuring [sic] because of the building in which they take place, is to put it simply, absurd. It doesn't matter what building the commencements take place in, no one is celebrating religion or even acknoledging [sic] a higher power. If one feels they can not accept the lace of graduation, they're always welcomed to not participate, but to try and ruin a clebration [sic] of education is proposterous [sic] ! This organization should be ashamed of itself for trying to upset thousands of graduation seniors and their families.

From Robert J. Arehart (
Your timing on the high school graduation is pitiful. I sincerely hope that none in your organization vote because many polling place [sic] are in churches. You are ruining what is normally such a wonderful time in a young persons [sic] life.
With so many problems in this world and this is the fight you have chosen?
What a joke.
Robert Arehart
voicemail 321-751-3243 fax 321-757-7870

From Mark Walter (
You and your group are a complete waste of oxygen, the repercussions of your graduation debacle will come back to haunt you. Ceratinly [sic] you can dedicate your cause to something worthwhile but no, you feel you can impose your will on the majority who want the graduation at Calvery [sic]. I suppose it's OK to vote at a church since I don't hear a peep out of you at election time. Hippocrites! [sic]
Mark Walter

From Roger Gourd
Well, maybe you're getting some of the "press" you must desparately [sic] need because I saw your organization's name alongside the idiocy one of your members is displaying in protest over the location of his child's graduation.
Too bad a child has to be submitted to such forms of parental abuse, that is, growing up with the prejudices foisted upon the child by such a parent.
The "hall" in which a graduation is held is pretty irrelevant, given the excitement of such and event for the kids. Y'all ought to find a worthy endeavor or two.
Be Well
Stay fit

From Steve Maley (
Dianne Narciso
Why do you feel it necessary to ruin the graduation ceremony for thousands of students? Just so you can promote your agenda?
You do realize that your child is NOT required to "walk" to receive your their [sic] diploma don't you? as [sic] a matter of fact it is only a ceremony and not the actual diploma they receive anyway. If you want to boycott the graduation by not attending do so but to ruin the graduation ceremony's [sic]  for thousands of others is insensitive and selfish.
I don't see your organization spending thousands of dollars renting a facility to hold the graduation in fact the only thing you are doing is ruining the ceremony for the rest of the student [sic] so you can promote YOUR own agenda.
I hope at the end of this you feel very good about what you have done to the rest of these students whoi [sic] have worked so hard for this day.
Steven Malay [sic??]
Satellite Beach

From HM (
This is in reference to your frivolous lawsuit against the Brevard County School Board. You say that religious symbols offend you, yet you claim to be free thinkers. Since when does someone who thinks freely have to agree with you? It seems to me that the majority in this case, ie; [sic] 99.9%, think that it is acceptable to have the graduation ceremony at the Calvary Chapel. Since when do the wants of the minority take precedence over the rights of the majority? The judges in this case ruled rightly!
I also happened to notice that your website states that this lawsuit was brought about by "a member". Well the cat's already out of that bag thanks to the newspaper article stating that Diane Narciso is the founder of your happy group.
My advice to you and yours is to get a life and stop worrying about other people's children graduating in a church. Maybe you should open your 'freethinking' mind to other views and possibilities in this world. If you don't believe in a superior being, then why do you believe that you and your thoughts are to be valued above the rights of thousands of children and their parents? Maybe homeschooling is the way for your children, that way we won't be offended by your noxious, small minded [sic] presence.
In this nation, we are free to be, "One nation under God.".

From Debbie (
I am righting [sic] to you in regards to one of your members that filed the lawsuit against the school district. Let me tell you that this has cause [sic] stress in this family on your behave [sic] and Dianna's. I am so sorry that you do not believe in the idea of children's rights of graduation. We are not there to pray or have a religious ceremony but to honor young women and men who have made accomplishments in their lives. Have you forgotten this is for them not yours or my rights? Do you believe in jeopardizing their lives in the heat and cause a death! That would be a lawsuit on Dianna and your organization!!! The other thing that bothers me is that you have taken many of my rights I had as citizen of the United States but having the right lawyer on your side, I forgot, the right judge, you shall have everything that you want but remember I will have after life and you will be begging!
Forget the difference and allow the children to make their decisions!!!!

From J Rockwell
He (Christ) is the way, the truth and the life...

"In a hundred years, it will not matter how much money I had in my band account, what kind of car I drove, or what kind of house I lived in...what will matter most is that I made a difference in the life of a child."

Some people joined our email list. Some of them are STILL there. They dart out every now and then to say something they think is clever and then disappear for a while.

One joined for a short while and objected to our welcome message:

Don't send me this crap. I simply logged on to your sight [sic] to see for myself what kind of "whack-jobs" your small, small group is. I wasn't disappointed.
Glad to see that Graduation [sic] will go on as planned and you lost. Now they have a full year to plan legal strategy to defeat you again. Enjoy your graduation, moron. who is no longer with us, responded to other members, one of whom made a sarcastic comment. I'll put only tville's response in italics and the originals in larger font:
"Why doesn't the city just sell the high school to a church, and lease it back during the school year. That way, they could "legally" impose religious symbology on children. It seems that this decision makes that a possibility."
This statement made by "Boo" shows the intelligence of a 10 year old. I would call them a moron but I feel that they still need a few more IQ points for that. Have to settle with "Idiot" for now.
"Maybe Dianna next year more parents will come out in the open and oppose this atrocity!"
Atrocity? What a joke. Where were you idiots when you voted? Did anyone here oppose voting in a church? The government uses churches as polling places. Where is the lawsuits [sic] for that? Did any of you know that small churches often rent public buldings for services? Does it offend you that w!hen [sic] they do, they put up religious icons for their ceremonies? Where is the outcry on this?
Maybe you won't all bitch so much when your property taxes go up so that in the future the schools can do this activity on [sic] their own facility instead of having to rent one.
I do have one question though, do the children and parents who are part of this lawsuit or support this lawsuit, plan to attend these ceremonies in the church? I'm willing to guess that your convictions are [sic] that strong and that you'll happiliy [sic] smile as your child walks down the "religious" aisle, walks up on the "alter" [sic] and passes beneath the "cross" to get their [sic] diploma. And don't think for a minute that everyone in the place won't consider you hypocrites for doing so.

Another person who apparently had wanted to "debate" someone about religion, wrote to me on this subject. She used her husband's email address.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2005 6:04 PM
Subject: Debate

I was disheartened to find your name in the Florida today as one who opposes the graduating ceremony at Calvary chapel. I believe there are more important issues that we face each day. I rather spend my time feeding the hungry, offering shelter or helping someone with employment or education. I believe you to be in error over this "separation of church and state". I challenge you to find this exact wording in our beloved  constitution. If it can not be found there how do you explain your arugement? Respectfully, Debbie

A discussion (I use the term lightly) ensued with a rather crude ending. Someone told me later that this woman offed herself. It was all very, very strange indeed. I have my theories about the whole thing...