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Atheists Move to Back of the Bus at Brevard County Commission

The Central Florida Freethought Community sent a letter to the Brevard County Commission requesting they be allowed to offer the invocation prior to a meeting. They were naturally rejected. Brevard don't play that.

Here's the video in which our illustrious and well groomed commissioners debate the issue:


Note how Chairman Lewis already had the county attorney prepare a "no" letter...before the vote.
Infantini...only a tad condescendingly: "We will go anywhere to find [a religious person to give the invocation]..not, not anywhere. Correction. Not, not...anywhere." Lawlz.
Anderson doesn't understand how a person can be offended by something he doesn't believe exists! Is he stupid? We're not offended by the god, we're offended by your pushing religion into a government that is supposed to represent all of us. We're offended by your actions, dude. Not your god.